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Wardrobe Design

Indian Wardrobe Designs Made Just for You

A wardrobe is an essential storage unit, especially in a modern apartment that is crying out loud for more space. And what better way to maximise your space than with a wardrobe design? An Indian wardrobe design that allows you to stack up against your entire world neatly into compartments that are spacious, isn’t that what all of us truly desire?

Therefore, it’s not just your clothes that find the space they need, a good bedroom wardrobe design ensures that there are drawers for all your valuables and rods that can display your best clothes!

A wardrobe design that is aesthetically pleasing becomes one of the most attractive pieces of furniture in your bedroom. It can make your overall bedroom decor look stunning. An elegant and functional wardrobe is exactly what you will find at Wakefit.

Good Living, the Wakefit Way

After making a mark in the world of sleep, Wakefit is now setting out to serve in the home solutions segment. Just as our best selling mattresses, the Wakefit Orthopedic Mattress and the Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress, are designed with the best materials, similarly our furniture designs are created with only superior quality products. Our Indian wardrobe design is elegant, practical and budget-friendly.

We have not only put a tremendous amount of effort into ensuring that you get the best quality and latest wardrobe design, but we also ensure that you can get them easily delivered to you without a hassle. Online shopping should be therapeutic and keeping that in mind, we have made the process of buying the Wakefit latest wardrobe design supremely simple. All you need to do is visit our website and select the furniture. We take care of the rest. This saves you time and energy along with money. Let us walk you through our new top Indian wardrobe design in the next section.

Wardrobes That Understand Your Need for Space

Wardrobe Design

What to Consider When Selecting a Wardrobe Design?

  • Measurement of the space assigned to the wardrobe
  • Your storage needs
  • Types of wardrobe (One-door, two-door, three-door or four-door)
  • Material and colours
  • With drawer or without drawer
  • With mirror or without mirror
  • Your budget

Let us have a look at some of these in a more detailed manner.

Is Wooden Almirah Design a Good Idea?

Among the many options, the wooden wardrobe design is one that catches the eye the most. However, when selecting a wooden almirah design, you cannot simply rely upon looks but also vary of design and durability. Here are some of the reasons why a wooden almirah design will work for you:

1. Strong & Durable

A wooden wardrobe design marries strength with durability. Wood lasts longer than other materials, and this longevity is supported by strength and robustness. All of these qualities give the wood wardrobe the stability it exudes. Wakefit’s engineered wood wardrobes are treated to be resistant to both termites and moisture, thus lengthening their lifespan even further. This is why the wardrobes come with a manufacturer warranty of one year!

2. Easy to clean and maintain

The next factor that makes a wooden almirah a good choice is that it is easy to maintain. All you need is a dry piece of clean cloth and some non-abrasive solution and you are sorted. Our engineered wood wardrobes, for instance, require you to simply wipe them with a dry cloth.

3. Looks stunning

An Indian wardrobe design of wood is a rare combination of quality and appearance. The colour choices from Columbian Walnut and rich Mahogany to a flirtish Cherry shade, you can pick a hue that works best for you or complements your bedroom in the most natural way.

Picking the right wardrobe size

Determining the right Indian wardrobe design size depends mainly on two factors: the size of the space it will be filling and your storage needs.

The perfect wardrobe is one that fits right in the space you have allotted it. But that is not all, you also need to make sure that it is proportionate to the rest of the bedroom essentials and accessories

The other component that determines your wardrobe size is your storage requirements. Depending on the number of clothes you are planning to store and the number of people who will be using the wardrobe, you can go for a 2 door wardrobe, 3 door wardrobe and even a 4 door wardrobe. The number of things you plan to store other than your clothes will help you decide how many drawers and what size of drawers to go for. A locker is a great idea if you wish to store valuables in your wardrobe.

Give Your Home Everything It Needs from Wakefit

Wakefit is now a one-stop destination for ergonomic home design solutions. We have recently launched some of the sleekest and latest wardrobe design that you will lay eyes on. The best part? Our collection has wardrobes that work for every household!

Wakefit’s engineered wood wardrobes offer different storage options. The shelves are sized as such that you can store all your essentials and non-essentials in the neatest way possible. You are given a drawer option too to store your valuables. The two-door, three-door, and four-door wardrobe variants are designed keeping in mind different storage needs of people. Our wardrobes, however, aren’t only efficient in their practicality, but are extremely aesthetic. The rich Columbian Walnut colour and the pleasing texture will amp up the style quotient of any space.


Material Engineered Wood
Installation Installed by carpenters at the time of delivery, free of cost
Warranty 1 year manufacturer warranty
Variant 2 door, 3 door, 4 door
Colour Columbian Walnut
Hardware used Minifix, Dowels, Screws, Hinges, Locks, Latches, Channels, Plinth
Drawer With and without drawer
Mirror With and without mirror

Indian Wardrobe Design That Understands Space

A good wardrobe screams style but a great wardrobe has it all. From the best designs to the right type of structure that supports your clothing options easily. Wakefit offers multiple wooden wardrobe designs that sit right with your home aesthetic. So, let’s check out some of our top Indian wardrobe designs that understand space and value style:

Wardrobe with Drawer

When looking for a wardrobe, a drawer is a must. Otherwise, where will your little valuables go? A drawer helps you organize your small clothes, accessories, and other valuables in a tidy manner through which you can easily access them. Some of our top wardrobes with drawer are Organza Plus 4-Door Wardrobe with Drawer and 1 Hanging Space, Wakefit Gingham 2-Door Wardrobe with Drawer, and Wakefit Tartan 2-Door Wardrobe With Drawer

2 Door Wardrobe

A 2 door wardrobe is a great asset for anyone who loves to buy new clothes. With abundant space for everything, this wardrobe is perfect to display your best quality clothes and accessories. The wardrobe does not take a lot of space so it is even great for a small room. Some of our top models are Wakefit Twill 2-Door Compact Wardrobe Wall Anchored, Wakefit Taffeta 2-Door Wardrobe Wall Anchored and Wakefit Gingham 2-Door Wardrobe with Drawer.

3 Door Wardrobe

A 3 door wardrobe is perfect for anyone who loves to organize everything in a very structured manner. With abundant space to keep the clothes for at least 2 people, this design is highly recommended for households with young children who would love to share the space with their siblings. Here are our top 3 door wardrobes include Wakefit Tartan 3-Door Wardrobe With Drawer, Wakefit Tartan 3-Door Wardrobe With Drawer and Mirror, and Wakefit Gingham 3-Door Wardrobe with Drawer.

4 Door Wardrobe

If you like to shop lavishly and have accumulated a wealth of clothes and accessories, the best way to display them is with the grandeur of a 4 door wardrobe. These cupboards have all you can think of, a mirror, drawer, hanging space and oh, so much space! These easily become the showstoppers, taking up a fair space in the room. Let’s check out our 4 door wardrobe designs: Organza Plus 4-Door Wardrobe with Drawer, Organza Plus 4-Door Wardrobe with Drawer, Mirror and 1 Hanging Space and Wakefit Organza 4-Door Wardrobe With Middle Drawer.

4 Latest Wardrobe Designs

Here are some of the handpicked products that make a great fit for your clothes, accessories and many more! Now you can have as much space you want with sleek finishes that complement all your room elements.

Wakefit Tartan 2 Door Wardrobe with drawer

Wakefit Tartan 2 Door Wardrobe with drawer

This wardrobe by Wakefit is designed to fit your entire world, that too in the most efficient way possible!

The Wakefit Tartan 2 Door Wardrobe with drawer comes in a rich dark finish that lends it a rather regal appearance. It is a sturdy wooden wardrobe created with engineered wood that has been treated for moisture as well as termites.

The wardrobe is designed ergonomically like all Wakefit furniture. Its height was agreed upon keeping in mind easy access for all users. Though the wardrobe can fit a lot of clothes, it ensures your garments get the necessary room to breathe.

You can browse through its other features here.

Wakefit Tartan 3 Door Wardrobe with drawer

Wakefit Tartan 3 Door Wardrobe with drawer

The Wakefit Tartan 3 Door Wardrobe with drawer comes with large-sized shelves in order to make room for all your things. The drawer ensures that you can store your valuables without breaking a swear.

This wooden wardrobe not just looks stunning with smart grain work and warm shade of Columbian Walnut, but it also allows you to organize practically, making it an instant favourite among customers.

Wakefit offers a one year manufacturer warranty on its wardrobe designs, and you can have a look at the specifications here.

Wakefit Organza 4 Door Wardrobe with drawer

Wakefit Organza 4 Door Wardrobe with drawer

Have you dreamt of a wardrobe that offers you all the space that you could ever want? Looks like your dream has come true! Wakefit’s Organza 4 door Wardrobe with Middle Drawers has all the space for your old things, new things and everything in between.

Forget about messy nooks in the wardrobe with this efficient organization system that provides spacious middle drawers. The shelf-size has been designed keeping in mind how large you like to live your life and should have no reason to cut down on your needs.

Make this gorgeous wardrobe design yours today by visiting us here.

Wakefit Plaid 4 Door Wardrobe with drawer

Wakefit Plaid 4 Door Wardrobe with drawer

A spacious wardrobe is all we need, and so Wakefit has decided to make that wish come true. With our Plaid 4 door wardrobe, you will never complain about the lack of space again.

The wardrobe consists of two big-sized shelves that allow you the luxury of storing your winter wear or your bedroom essentials or extras. The six small shelves, in turn, can be used to store garments that you use on a regular basis. You can store your accessories in the four spacious drawers, while the locker drawer can safely guard your jewelry or other precious possessions. There is so much space in this wardrobe that you can do whatever you want with it!

Just one click, and this dream-come-true wooden wardrobe can be yours! Click here.

Wakefit transforms Into a Home Solutions Brand

In 2016, Wakefit took it upon itself to help Indians sleep and rest better. Since its inception, the brand has focussed on offering quality products at prices that seem beyond one's imagination. It has always been a commitment to minimize the hassle faced by customers to get something as necessary as sleep. To this end, Wakefit decided to offer attractive manufacturer warranties as well as a 100 nights free trial on the mattresses.

Now, Wakefit is transforming into a home solutions brand, a one-stop destination for all your furniture needs. From sofas, ergonomic work-from-home furniture, wall shelves, bookshelves, tv units, shoe racks and more. Find anything you need, only at Wakefit.

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