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To awaken the greatness within, you need to be properly rested. Just as an athlete’s routine prioritizes restoration and recovery, similarly, all high performing individuals, regardless of what they do, need proper sleep to continue being at their best. So what exactly comes between you and the rest that you deserve to fulfill your dreams? After a lot of research, we at Wakefit narrowed down our search to two culprits that usually go undetected. Here’s putting an end to them and bringing you the gift of sleep and waking fit!

Is Your Mattress Affecting Your Sleep?

The first sleep culprit is an unsupportive mattress. When we sleep we form a shape that is almost an S. However, our sleeping surfaces are flat, and so, there is an incompatibility between the two. Let us look at it in terms of weight distribution and creation of pressure points. A regular mattress cannot distribute the body weight of the sleeper uniformly, and therefore causes strain in 10 major points in the body. As a result, the sleeper’s neck, shoulders, hips, lower backs, ankles and knee joints among others, are affected terribly. The sleeper is likely to wake up feeling a painful sensation in one or all of these points. Nonuniform distribution of weight, further results in bad flow of blood through the body. This poor circulation is one of the main reasons why people toss and turn at night, and in the long run, develop sleep disorders.

Spring Mattress vs Memory foam vs Hard Mattress

One of the traditional mattresses in the market is a spring mattress. Let us see how it performs in terms of pressure point reduction and blood circulation. A spring mattress is known to provide good back support; however this support is not uniform throughout the length of the mattress. A hard mattress, moreover, will offer no orthopedic features to you. Blood clots are other common features when it comes to both spring as well as hard mattresses. In case you were wondering why you wake up feeling uncomfortable in the middle of the night while sleeping on your spring or hard mattress, then it is because of this poor circulation of blood. Breathability is another factor you need to focus on when purchasing a mattress. Hard mattresses do not breathe at all. As a result, you will sleep hot and uncomfortable, especially during the Summer months. For couples too, a spring mattress is a terrible idea. This is because spring mattresses do not offer motion separation. Instead, the squeaky noises that their coils make once they begin degenerating, can make it quite difficult for you and your partner to sleep. A mattress is an important investment, and as such, it needs to be durable. Even in this regard, a spring mattress performs poorly.

The Role of Body Posture in Sleep & How Memory Foam Helps With that

An unsupportive mattress is a big barrier to uninterrupted sleep and can be one of the causes of insomnia. As stated, most mattresses hamper the circulation of blood through the sleeper’s body. They create pressure points in the sleeper’s neck, shoulders and hips. The sleeper’s spine is bent in an unnatural way during sleep which not only causes sleep disruptions, but over a period of time is likely to cause postural defects too. The other problem with an unsupportive mattress is its inability to conform to the body shape of the sleeper. All of these cause interrupted sleep, thus stopping you from getting good rest. This is where memory foam mattresses come in. Memory foam mattresses are optimally constructed to get rid of all the hurdles that come between you and good rest. They take the S-shape of the body, thus distributing the body weight across thousands of points, uniformly across the body. This is why a good quality memory foam mattress, with excellent fabric will result in deep and restful sleep.

Mental Health and Sleep: What’s the Link?

The second sleep culprit lives in your mind. Though sleep being central to productivity is a known fact by now, people still consider rest as a time that could have been used to do “something of value”. The problem is that sleep is one of the only activities where one cannot multitask. And that is where its greatest benefit comes from. Getting your much needed nine hours of complete rest allows your body to rejuvenate itself totally: the tissues are repaired, the muscles get time to grow, the hormones are synthesized, bits of information that you collect through the day are consolidated during sleep, thus helping you develop better memory and retention. So if you think about it, that is the amount of work your body and your mind do while you rest!

Buy Mattress Online - Wakefit

Relationship Between Good Mental Health and Sleep

The relationship between good sleep and good mental health needs to be stressed too. Usually, a sleeper oscillates between two categories of sleep every one and a half hours. The “quiet sleep” sees the sleeper progressing through four stages of deepening sleep. During this time, the sleeper’s body temperature lowers, muscles begin to relax, breathing slows down and so does the heart rate. The fourth and the deepest stage of sleep plays a crucial role in physiological development, such as enhancing the immune system of the sleeper. The other category of sleep is called REM sleep or Rapid Eye Movement sleep. Contrary to the previous stage, in REM sleep our body temperature, heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure begin to rise. This is when the sleeper dreams. According to studies, REM sleep is crucial for mental and emotional health. Sleep interruptions during REM sleep can affect one’s mental health.

Is Depression and Anxiety Causing Lack of Sleep?

We live in a time when anxiety and depression are not rare conditions anymore. In such a situation, making a mental shift and looking at rest as a skill that needs to be learnt will serve immensely. Overtime, as you rest better and begin noticing its benefits, you will start making better investments for better sleep. You will start paying attention to your sleep environment and start making changes to your sleep habits and invest in better sleep products.

Buy Mattress Online - Wakefit

The Ultimate Solution for Better Sleep

Wakefit is among the select few who manufacture and sell memory foam mattresses online in India - with the perfect thickness, optimal density and fine cotton fabric to sleep on. Our memory foam mattresses are designed to adapt to your body shape, and therefore is the ultimate sleep problem solution. They distribute your body weight uniformly across several points thus ensuring no pressure is created in your body during sleep. The memory foam comes with an open cell structure to provide temperature neutrality. The motion separation factor of our mattresses ensures that the movement of one sleeper does not interrupt the other sleeper's rest, thus making them ideal even for couples or people who share their bed. The hypoallergenic quality of the mattresses make sure that no allergens, especially dust, are allowed to settle on the surface of the mattress or seep into the mattress layers. As a result, the mattress remains fresh and hygienic for a long period of time further enhancing the durability of these long-lasting mattresses.

You can buy Single, Queen or a King size memory foam mattress or go for a custom-size one. We manufacture all our mattresses in Bangalore and ship them all across India through our logistics (courier) partners. Mattresses are vacuum pressed and packed in roll bags, which can be reused. From the time the mattress is ordered, dispatched and till you are satisfied using it, we will keep in touch with you through phone calls, emails and even Whatsapp (only if you allow it).

A good sleep environment requires a good mattress and a number of other sleeping essentials. You will find all of that on Wakefit! From sleeping pillows that support your head and neck to sheesham wood beds that are sturdy and durable, all your sleep needs will be met by Wakefit! So what are you waiting for, let the shopping begin!

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