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Benefits Of Sheesham Wood Bed

Ever wondered why beds in ancestral homes are known to withstand the test of time? The reason is simple – earlier, beds were made from good quality materials like Sheesham wood.

At Wakefit, we use Sheesham wood or Indian rosewood for our beds. The wood is taken from Sheesham trees that have grown for 20 years and to a height of over 30 meters. This makes our beds more affordable than those made using teak wood. However, they are just as durable as beds from older generations. Sheesham wood is a hardwood which makes it resistant to dry wood termites and natural wood decay. It also does not warp or split, making it the perfect long lasting option. The wood naturally has rich hues that range from golden brown to dark reddish brown, giving each piece of furniture a distinctive and unique look.

Using Sheesham wood, we have created a high calibre bed design that is not only comfortable, but also affordable. The design can be assembled practically by anyone, and we guarantee that while at this DIY project, you will have fun.

It took us 20 prototypes and brainstorming sessions with skilled carpenters using various wood-working equipment to come up with this user-friendly design. This perfect bed can be put together with just four nuts, and yet it is sturdy and firm. With such a sturdy frame, you never have to worry about creaky noises or uncomfortable bending, which can disturb your sleep. And with our design of the Sheesham wood bed, no matter your preference of decor, modern, traditional or vintage, it will fit right in.

A solid wood bed is also good for your spine, as it provides firm support under your mattress. Sheesham wood is also resistant to termites and decay, making it easier to maintain for a long period of time.

Cleaning the bed is just as simple as assembling it. All you have to do is to dip some fresh cotton or a soft sponge in detergent mixed water, squeeze the cotton completely to get rid of excess solution, and then wipe the wood with it. Make sure you use a dry cloth to wipe the bed in the end so that no water or moisture is left on the wood.

We are so sure of the sheesham bed’s longevity that we even have a three-year warranty.
If you are looking to buy a solid wood bed or a king-sized bed online, our sheesham wood bed is the right choice for you!

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