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The science behind deep sleep

The journey

Over the past years, we have created various versions of our sleeping pillows. We collaborated with physiotherapists as well as researched in-depth to understand the fundamental function and characteristics of an ideal pillow. It needed to align the neck and shoulders with the spine, allowing for seamless blood flow through to the lower spine. This meant that the weight on the pillow had to be distributed equally throughout its area. Just like for our mattresses, R&D and innovation is an ongoing process and we believe every new version has a better experience for our customers.

Contoured Memory Foam Pillows

Our first attempt at a pillow was a precision machine-cut contour memory foam pillow that was flat on one side and concave on the other side, with the right firmness levels. Although many customers loved this, our learning was that some felt it was soft, while some felt it was firm.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

The next version contained a fill with shredded memory foam pieces that were machine cut. Our research focused on finding the right size of the shredded piece. Too small would make the pillow very hard and pieces too large would make the pillow very soft. The pillow was fitted with a removable cover, made from bamboo fibers. These pillows were designed to be DIY pillows, which meant that our consumer could adjust the height of the pillow to their liking, by removing or adding memory foam pieces, just like one would, in a bean bag. Over time however, we found that they were likely to form clumps (similar to what happens with cotton mattresses), disturbing even support through the area of the pillow.

Hybrid Memory Foam Pillows

To overcome this, we evolved our design to create a pillow that had a cover made of quilted cotton stitched over a combined fill of hollow fibres and shredded memory foam. This allowed us to create a contoured pillow that provided firm support and prevented the formation of lumps. This design ensured that active pressure point were not created, ensuring seamless blood flow from the neck and shoulders through to the spine. Our consumers, however, found that with extended use, these pillows were prone to losing height and becoming flat.

Hollow Fibre Pillows

Finally, through our research and study of the properties of hollow fiber, we created our latest design of the sleeping pillow. Hollow fiber gets its name from the fine, hollow strand of polyester that it is made from. The pillows are soft and give the sleeper a fluffy feeling, while providing adequate support uniformly through the length of the pillow. These pillows align the shoulders and neck with the spine, in a straight line, so that there is seamless blood flow, aiding in uninterrupted sleep.
The use of hollow fibers allowed us to compress the pillows as well, which helped us package them better, so that they are delivered to you damage free. On unboxing, they expand and take an hour to fill out to their full shape and size, for you to start using them.

Different types of pillows Affordability Durability Support Firmness/Loft Options
Wakefit Sleeping Pillow Very Affordable Durable Good support and spinal alignment Soft and fluffy
Feather pillows Pricey Flattens easily Soft Fluffy and malleable
Latex Pillows Pricey Durable Supportive to the neck Springy, bouncier feeling
Down pillows Pricey Long lasting Soft and lightweight Cushiony over firm
Memory foam pillows Affordable Durable and resilient Good support for pain relief Can be too firm for stomach sleepers
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