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One India One Wakefif | Wakefit

One India One Wakefit

#OneIndiaOneWakefit - What 500+ Indians say

  • Religion led politics (68%)
  • Threats from neighbouring countries (18%)
  • Demand for new states (4%)
  • Others (11%)

We started off with a simple premise - that there can be ONE perfectly engineered mattress for all Indian body types. The one solution that can provide optimal spine support and weight distribution to ensure incredibly restful sleep.

When we thought hard about which is the most inspiring emblem of ONENESS in our lives, the only thing that came to our mind was our motherland India. We have many cultures, many stories, many dreams, many aspirations, many jobs and many lives. But underneath it all, we are ONE INDIA. We are so many, yet just one.

Send in your most innovative, creative & heartfelt messages to Hon'ble PM Shri Narendra Modi on how India can continue to remain ONE - a dream of a unified India. The top 50 messages with contact details will be sent to the PM along with our innovative 'Make In India' mattress!

From PM Junta to AAM Junta, One Wakefit to suit everyone!


Interesting responses

Sir, just like you did demonetisation, you should also do dereligionisation of India!

Every 18 year old should mandatorily serve 2 years in the army. That will kill all differences

Politicians should be banned from talking about caste & religion in any of their public gatherings

We need to have a single language that would bind the country

Jaati dharam ko maaro goli, milke sab khelo holi!

Make education impervious to sectarian influences. Better education, better minds, better lives. Such frictions would disappear with time

Only one thing can unite us like nothing else - CRICKET! Indiaaaaaa.....India

Provide social security to free us to think of oneness

There must be an entrance examination for all the political candidates to enter politics as same like NEET for medical students. They have to write PEET(Political Eligibility cum Entrance Test), This will make a massive difference

Ban all Babas and shut their shops so that political people can not use Babas and their followers as a Vote Bank

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