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The science behind deep sleep

Sometimes, good sleep begins with a dream.

The dream

While most families discuss sleep only to the extent of how well they slept, our founder grew up among discussions on foam testing and formulations at the breakfast table. The passion persisted and he went on to become a Chemical Engineer from IIT.

The passion grew into a vision. A vision for the entire nation to sleep better, especially when there was such apathy and lack of understanding towards something as important as sleep.

The journey

It was out of this dream that Wakefit was born.

But first things first. To create quality and effective products, we had to be very clear about the concerns and problems people had with the existing mattresses in the market. We started by talking to and, in fact, visiting hundreds of customers to understand their feedback on numerous parameters. The effort paid off. It boiled down to two fundamental things: good design and quality foam.

Is sleep delicious? Because it has a recipe.

What followed was a relentless pursuit of perfection. After conducting several lab experiments, trying out hundreds of permutations and combinations with raw materials, dimensions, foam type and external factors, we found the recipe for that perfect mattress. And here it is:

  • Durability


    Density plays a major role in deciding the durability of mattress. Higher foam density implies a longer lifetime.

  • Durability


    A firmer base foam that offers better support to the spine for a great sleeping experience.

  • Durability


    Smart spaces created in our differential pressure zone layer helps with better air-flow and higher breathability, creating a stable temperature throughout the night.

  • Durability


    A comfortable mattress should provide an embracing effect, not resistance. Mattresses that adapt to the body shape while lying down rather than pushing upwards are the most comfortable ones. Memory foam mattresses are used globally for their comfort and support. NASA, the world's foremost Space agency, innovated on the memory foam for this specific use case. Another good example is a nice hospital bed. Patients can sleep over it for weeks and the body remains in great shape. As the name suggests, memory foam remembers the body shape for perfect sleep, every time.

Once we had strengthened the core of our mattresses, we decided to explore the other important aspects of mattress designing.

Fewer VOCs

Using water-based adhesives instead of organic solvents eliminates bad odour and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from mattresses


Adding two layers of covers helps absorb sweat and prevents it from reaching the foam surface. This helps in maintaining freshness and hygiene for a long time


Outer cover of the mattress is made using spun knitted fabric and has a zipper on it. It can be easily removed and washed to retain a fresh and clean appearance.

Foam formulations

Experimenting with the cell size, density, hardness (firmness), compression set etc., helped achieve different foam formulations to get what works best for Indian customers

Let’s sleep together for 100 nights.

Risk Free Trial. Easy Return Policy.


Buying a mattress on which we relax, rejuvenate and spend nearly half of our life, is a major decision. And a difficult one too. To help you with the perfect fit, we researched extensively to determine the right amount of time one should spend using the mattress to find out if it's the right fit. The result? 3-4 weeks. This is completely different from what is expected in physical stores - to lie down for a few minutes and decide, with no return policy! We want you to be confident of the commitment you make to your mattress, which is why we provide you with an industry leading 100 nights of risk-free trial period.

  • If you are not satisfied with our mattresses, just drop us an email or call us
  • We will understand your concerns to help in our ongoing research through a quick conversation
  • We will arrange for the pickup of the mattress
  • We refund 100% of the money into the same payment method that you used for the purchase

Is the trial period also valid if I buy on Amazon/Flipkart?

Sorry, but the trial period is only valid for products bought through our website directly. Even if you have purchased on one of the marketplaces, in case of any concern, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always available to help you in the best possible manner.

In what cases will the mattress return not be accepted?

While we accept returns under most circumstances, here are some situations when the return would not be processed:

  • If water, liquids or other chemicals have been poured on the mattress, causing it to dampen, stink or become bulky
  • Food stains or other items have rendered the mattress unhygienic
  • The covers or foam from the mattress have been torn/damaged during routine usage
  • It has been more than 100 nights from the date of delivery

It takes two to tango, and two more to start a party!

Our two mattress types: The Orthopedic Memory Foam & The Dual Comfort Mattress were recently joined by two new variants - The Latex & The Foam Spring Mattress. Here’s why we decided to add new players to our sleep squad:

When you venture out mattress shopping at any branded outlet today, you are given a plethora of options to choose from. But what exactly is different in those options? What makes one option better than the rest? Which mattress is best suited for your requirement? Is an aesthetic looking product actually better for your sleep? When asked for recommendations, we often hear the same sentences, "Every mattress is good!" or "What is your budget?"

Oftentimes, these mattresses are invariably the same, with different packaging and price points. While starting our product development, this is where we picked up what NOT to do. In early 2015, we decided to channelize our product development and processes to manufacture and sell only orthopedic memory foam and dual comfort foam mattresses online in India. Our decision worked well for us and the positive responses we have received from all our customers are a testimony of our design story. Encouraged by the splendid response, we decided to add two new variants to our mattress arsenal.

When shopping for a mattress at Wakefit, this is how you can decide which mattress type will suit your needs best:

Are you someone facing back ache and neck pain? Do you prefer a mattress that is both soft and hard? Or, do you expect a lot of guests? Are you looking for a plush mattress that also supports you well? Do you want a mattress with great bounce?
Try our Ortho mattress Try our Dual Comfort mattress Try our Latex mattress Try our Spring mattress
Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress Wakefit Latex Mattress Wakefit Foam Spring Mattress
Size Single | Diwan | Queen | King | Custom Single | Diwan | Queen | King | Custom Single | Diwan | Queen | King | Custom Single | Diwan | Queen | King | Custom
Warranty 10 years manufacturer warranty 7 years manufacturer warranty 10 years manufacturer warranty 10 years manufacturer warranty
Experience Advanced support and lush comfort

Our new Orthopedic Mattress has an advanced zonal support technology, that allows your shoulders to sink in and your hips to be elevated so that when you lie down, your spine is not bent unnaturally. With softer support in the lighter upper body section and more firm support in the lumbar region, this mattress is the ultimate mattress for back pain.
Two layers of comfort in a budget

Wakefit's Dual Comfort Mattress is designed to ensure you can use both the sides as sleeping surfaces.

One side is medium soft, recommended for summer months.

The other side is medium firm, suitable for winter months.
Luxurious sleep with spinal care

Our orthopedic mattresses are designed to offer good sleep while benefiting your spine, hips and neck. With the addition of latex, this mattress will also ensure better air circulation, and hence enhanced cooling.
Hotel-like plush feeling at home

The right bounce without the squeaky discomfort of an Innerspring mattress. Have your cake and eat it too!
Support Support that keeps your spine aligned naturally to alleviate back pain and posture problems

Our Next Gen Memory Foam responds to the pressure applied on it and adapts to the shape of the sleeper. It alleviates the pressure and almost cradles you to deep sleep, reducing soreness in your body.

To ensure that the mattress has enough firmness to support your body, the base layer is constructed with high density foam that provides support to the overall construction of the mattress.
Knows when you need more support

Wakefit's Dual Comfort mattress has two layers: a soft foam to give you that cloud-like feeling, and a base foam for when you need more support.
A 7-zone design forming latex blocks with different densities so that each part of your body is given the ultimate support

The middle section offers greater support to heavier parts of your body, such as hips and shoulders, while the lighter parts of your body are given medium soft support

The mattress adapts to the various weight zones of the body. By doing so, it offers almost customized comfort and support to you while you sleep.
Made with 3-D cut technology for better air circulation and zonal support

The top layer is made with 3-D cut technology to create a network of squares in various sizes. This helps with two functions:

- Better air circulation compared to traditional spring mattresses
- Zonal support to your body by aligning your spine naturally
Motion transfer Say bye to motion transfer

The mattress absorbs the motion of one sleeper and completely isolates it so that the other sleeper is not jostled out of sleep.
Best sleep even with a restless partner

The deep cushioning offered by our memory foam mattress ensures that the motion in one part of the mattress is not transferred to the other part, therefore ensuring zero partner disturbance.
No tossing-turning, no disturbance too

Our latex variant of the Orthopedic mattress has a latex layer on top, followed by a memory foam layer that can conform to your body shape while you sleep, thus preventing pressure points from forming. This reduces the times you toss or turn in the night, thus helping avoid motion transfer.
The right bounce without any sound

The Wakefit Foam Spring Mattress has no actual springs or coils, but instead comes with a layer of bouncy foam that gives the mattress a bouncy feeling with no sounds of creaking.
Hygiene Because hygiene comes first

The soft and breathable fabric that covers the mattress can be removed and machine washed to ensure better hygiene for your mattress, protecting you from dirt and dust.
A good mattress is a clean mattress

You can wash the external breathable fabric in order to maintain the freshness of the mattress.
There is nothing like too much cleanliness

The mattress comes with a zipped external cover that can be washed easily, helping you keep the hygiene of the mattress intact.
Maintenance? Don’t fret!

The zipped external cover that can be removed and cleaned as and when required.

The Mattress Design

On that note,

It's bedtime!

Continue Shopping

Online mattress shopping can be a very challenging experience, given how confusing and conflicting the material present in different Indian and global websites. In any supposed big brand website, a customer will see 15-20 different models of mattresses with no real difference. They are full of jargon, selling different comfort mattress using a combination of spring, foam, coir and latex, making it very hard for a normal consumer to decide which is right for them and their specific need. Wakefit's idea right from the beginning was to overcome this layer of confusion and bring in transparency in the pricing, development and purchase making decisions.

Why should a mattress cost so much, without any value addition, just because of the layers of middlemen involved? Why should there be variations of the same mattress design when the human body structures and needs are similar for all? What really goes into the multiple layers of materials? We decided to create a mattress buying guide for all customers to compare mattress sizes, mattress price and choose the best mattress brand in India. Wakefit focused on these questions while initiating its research to come up with 2 mattresses and then adding 2 new ones in order to cater to the needs of every sleeper, while keeping them reasonably priced. Our Orthopedic Memory Foam mattress, Dual Comfort Mattress, Latex Mattress, and Foam Spring Mattress are developed to suit all body types and climate conditions in India.

With our mattress price and range of queen mattress, king mattress and double mattress, available in orthopedic memory foam, dual comfort mattress, latex mattress and foam spring mattress, Wakefit is the place to be at to buy the perfect mattress online in India.

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