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Compact sofa for the perfect nap! Choose a pattern that fits your aesthetic and makes your living room unique.

Have only 3 friends to chill with? Our Snoozer sofa is cozy and compact, a perfect fit! Have chai and binge shows with your homies.

If your idea of lounging involves maximum comfort and less drama, our Lounger Sofa will be your bae! Nap, chill, or work, it'll be there for you!

Sleek and stylish, the Hamlet Wall Shelf elevates the look of any room. Keep trinkets or framed memories, it will create an aesthetic look for sure.

This bookshelf can hold so many books and other display items. Perfect for a cozy and beautiful nook!

Perfect for those who do not want their living room to look cluttered. It is compact and functional.

A TV unit that can double up as a display cabinet.

A modern coffee table that will fuel conversations.

Contemporary design meets functionality, this table is perfect for the modern temperament.

A structured beauty for the lovers of all things unique.

For the minimalist who loves clean lines, this table is a must-have!

Patterned bookshelves for those looking for something different. It's definitely a conversation starter.

Beauty personified, this sturdy Bookshelf does not take up too much space.

A sleek bookshelf that does not take up too much space and can fit in any room.

A multifunctional TV Unit for the modern home..

Do you feel bad that our modern apartments are so much smaller than the homes we grew up in? Does this restrict you from trying out various living room decor ideas? Well, it is time to drop that worry, and instead embrace small living room ideas by Wakefit.

There are several living room decor tricks that one can try to make their room look more spacious. The most common ones include painting your walls a very light colour to create an illusion of space, placing mirrors on the walls opposite a window to reflect natural light, and hanging sleek floor-to-ceiling curtains. But there is also a unique way in which Wakefit can help you make your room look spacious.

Wakefit’s living room decor items, such as our bookshelves, wall shelves, coffee tables and TV units, through their compartments and shelves, allow you to store your items, thus eliminating clutter while letting you exhibit your favourite souvenirs and figurines. Since Wakefit furniture is made of wood, they transform into a statement piece no matter where you place them. Here’s a secret: A big statement piece is another cool way of making your room look bigger than it actually is.

Wakefit Livingroom furniture range

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After being fully confused between all the options - coir, latex, spring, foam - and a lot of methodical research, he discovered Wakefit

Rahul Dua

Comedian Rahul Dua has been sleeping better and deeper ever since he started using the Wakefit Memory Foam Mattress. Check out his review now!


Shoulder pain which started in Canada six years ago, and then back pain with pregnancy - finally, relief after buying Wakefit


Having lived in the US, was disappointed with the very thin layer of memory foam found in most Indian brands. His wife's back pain disappeared after starting to use Wakefit

Monica & Gautam

Multiple store visits didn't provide any answers on the best option. The email & telephonic discussion with Wakefit clarified their doubts and provided confidence to buy


She found the right spine support at the right quality and price point. The 100-day trial period was way better than the 5-minute lying down at a store


Bought it for his mother who had a custom sized bed and had never slept in the modern technology memory foam. Ended up buying 3 mattresses from Wakefit

Bangalore Customer

Had lower back pain owing to long hours in front of the computer. Research and high quality reviews revealed Wakefit and its high quality spine support

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