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Beds – Buy Beds Online At Best Price - Wakefit

Beds – Buy Beds Online At Best Price

Buying a bed can be a hassle. It involves going from shop to shop and bargaining for hours to find the right fit at the right price. But when you buy a bed online, all this hassle is replaced by a simple process.

Shopping for a bed online, can make life way easier for you. Keeping this in mind, Wakefit delivers an elegant Sheesham Wood Bed right to your doorstep.

We offer the complete package of good design, a sturdy build and a reasonable price to solve all your bed-related issues. So if you thought buying a bed online was impossible, Wakefit is here to prove you wrong in the best of ways.

Rather than buying a generic king size bed or queen size bed online, you can opt to buy a sturdy wood bed online. Also, our beds are more affordable than Teak wood while being as sturdy and enduring as the latter.

A wood bed, especially a Sheesham wood bed, has several advantages over other materials that bed are made from. Firstly, it is highly durable and lasts a long time. What’s more, the grains and the texture of the wood become even more beautiful as time passes. These are also low maintenance as you will never have rust, like in most metal made beds.

We chose Sheesham wood or Indian Rosewood for the natural look it gives furniture with irregular grains, the warm tone of the various colours it comes in and most of all, its longevity. You might think that the price of wooden beds would be exorbitant, but we provide an extremely affordable rate.

The Sheesham Wood Bed also provides ample support for your spine. Sheesham wood furniture is known to be resistant to termites, so it is easy to maintain. To clean the bed, all you have to do is to dip some fresh cotton or a soft sponge in water mixed with a mild detergent or washing liquid. Squeeze the cotton or sponge completely to get rid of excess solution, and then wipe the wood with it. Make sure you use a dry cloth to wipe the bed in the end so that no water or moisture is left on the wood.

We worked to create a design that is versatile as well as easy to assemble. So after a lot of research and tonne of prototypes, we created the current design of the Sheesham Wood Bed that requires a simple assembly by two adults. The frame, when delivered to you, comes with a set of instructions that will guide you in assembling the elegant bed in no time. We made sure that the design was one that could fit in with every kind of decor - so whether you have a bedroom that’s vintage, chic, modern, minimalist or traditional, the Sheesham bed will fit right in.

The Wakefit Sheesham wood bed is the right choice for anyone who is looking to buy a bed online. In fact, we are so confident with the quality of the Wakefit Sheesham wood bed that we offer a 3-year warranty along with a no-cost EMI.

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