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science of ergonomics- Wakefit

What is ergonomics

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Minimising the compatibility gap between the product and the user is Ergonomics. Ergonomics is inspired and informed by several disciplines which allows it to enhance the connection shared by the user and the product. From anthropometry and information design to physiology and psychology, ergonomics has everything in its arsenal. Designing a product that decreases fatigue and increases comfort is the goal of ergonomics and is the vision behind Wakefit’s smart home solutions. Our products promote a healthy living environment at home.

Ergonomic furniture by Wakefit

Wakefit’s ergonomic furniture is designed to enhance support as well as comfort for the user. These strive to reduce musculoskeletal issues by preventing any kind stress and strain on the user’s muscles and bones. The furniture puts practicality above aesthetic, but does not compromise on the latter. These prevent pressure points in the joints and help alleviate back issues, neck discomforts, hip pains etc. This new range of furniture by Wakefit also ensures that blood circulation is not restricted to only a few body parts. They support the natural alignment of the user’s spine and are designed to accommodate the S-shape of their body instead of forcing them into an unnatural C-shape.

Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture is inclusive by design because it embraces different bodies. It distributes the body weight of each user uniformly to ensure there are no blood clots. It contours the body at the right points to offer great comfort and support. Ergonomic design accommodates a wide range of body types and therefore, respects diversity. It also increases productivity by raising the comfort level of the user so that they can do their best work. For instance, the Wakefit study tables, unlike traditional tables, help avoid distraction caused by discomfort, and therefore help improve productivity. This is one of the reasons why they work amazingly well as work from home units.

Ergonomic Furniture for Bedroom

On average, we spend a third of our life sleeping, which means a third of our life in our bedroom just for sleep. If you add the other hours that we spend in our sleep haven, this fraction will be an even greater portion of our lives. In such a case, having an aesthetically soothing bedroom which offers the highest level of comfort and zen to the body and the mind becomes crucial. The question then is, how well are our bedrooms designed, ergonomically, to make comfortable living possible?

An ergonomically well-designed sleep environment must include a sturdy bed, a supportive mattress and comfortable sleeping pillows.

Ergonomic Bed Created for Comfort

From an assembly that is so simple that it doesn't break your back to smart headboards that are made at angles that’s perfect for you to lean back on to, Wakefit beds are created keeping the sleeper’s comforts in mind. The robust structure of these beds achieved through four compartments and a strong support system makes them dependable. The self-adhesive bushes give the new range of beds an elevation, thus offering the right height. There is no weight limit on the MDF boards which ensures the inclusivity feature of ergonomics.

Ergonomic Mattress for the Right Support

Wakefit’s memory foam mattresses ensure that the sleeper’s spine is given the attention that it needs. Due to features such as body shape conformity and uniform body weight distribution, our mattresses prevent the sleeper’s spine from being bent in any unnatural way.

Ergonomic Pillow for the Perfect Height

Our pillows are made from hollow fibres. As a result, they are extremely comfortable and give the sleeper consistent support levels across the length of the pillows. We also offer the sleeper the choice of adjusting the height of the pillow to their individual preference by removing the hollow fibre fill, thus ensuring their neck is not strained in any way.

Ergonomic Furniture for Living Room

Investing in living room furniture that is only aesthetically pleasing but not ergonomic can have long-term adverse effects on our posture, our spine and our overall health. Wall shelves that are too highly placed and require you to stretch too much can be a pain in the back, literally. Coffee tables with sharp edges can be a safety hazard especially homes with small children. Bookshelves that are not stable enough can be a risk too.

Keeping all of this in mind, Wakefit creates stress-free furniture which beautifully weds both style and ergonomics. Our new line of home solution products provide optimal muscular support, enhance posture and reduce aches and strains. The height of the wall shelves, bookshelves and the TV units too are measured accordingly to ensure no pinched nerve, shoulder strain or back ache is caused in the user.

Ergonomic Sofa to Enhance Spinal Health

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The Wakefit range of sofas make sure that binge watching your favourite shows does not in any way affect your posture. They are designed to pay attention to your S-body-shape and improve your spinal health. The poly fill square shaped large cushions give comfort, support and flexibility on different seating arrangements on the sofas. The removable back cushions allow you to decide what is comfortable for you. The sturdy frames of our Napper, Snoozer and Lounger sofas perfectly balance strength and durability with sensible design. The furniture is created using Neem wood, which due to its strength, is one of the most durable woods for furniture.

Ergonomic Shoe Rack for Easy Shoe Storage

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Wakefit’s shoe racks are ergonomic designs that make storing footwear convenient for you. They are created not only to enhance storage, but also allow you the option of displaying those buys that are too beautiful to be hiding in shelves. They are easy to set up and easier to dismantle. Maintaining them will not break your back too. These racks are practical when it comes to their usage and can be placed anywhere from your mudroom to your balcony corner.

Ergonomic Furniture for Study Room

Now that most of us are working from home, a good workspace requires a good table. It needs to prioritize your posture considering that you will be spending long hours working on it. Our ergonomic study tables not only look after your posture and spine health, but also boost productivity.

Ergonomic office table for Ultimate Productivity

Wakefit’s study tables with their drawers and cabinet spaces, offer the user ample storage space. To ensure that you are not distracted, it is important that the study table optimizes organization. Our study tables allow you to store all your study and work tools in an efficient way to improve your productivity. Our Athena study table has the largest workspace area and can accomodate devices such as a desktop computer and a printer, among others. The Sage study table offers both storage and display options to the user. It also comes with a shelf where you can place your laptop bag. The Apollo study table by Wakefit is raised on strong Sheesham wood legs that provide optimal balance.

You can browse through Wakefit’s ergonomic designs here

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