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Bedroom Decor Ideas

Tired of staying in the same old bedroom? Looking to spruce things up on the home decor front? Wakefit has just what you need to turn your plain old bedroom into a paradise. From state-of-the-art beds and mattresses to stylish bedsheets and curtains, we’ve got everything you need to create your dream bedroom.

Let’s start with the basics. The main part of a bedroom is the bed and the mattress. So to kick off your bedroom’s decor, let’s begin with a strong sheesham wood bed.

A sheesham bed is as elegantly designed as it sounds and is equally sturdy. It is expertly crafted by our team with longevity and proper body support in mind. The bed looks stylish in any setting – be it a modern space or a more traditional one, and is resistant to termites and decay. A sheesham wood bed is strong, fashionable and affordable, making it the perfect center piece for a glorious bedroom.

An expertly crafted sheesham wood bed deserves an equally well-crafted mattress, and we’ve got the perfect option for you. Our most popular product, Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, moulds itself to fit your body while providing the right amount of support for a restful night’s sleep. It conforms to the body shape of the sleeper, thus alleviating the pain felt by the pressure points – the neck, shoulders and hips.

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s move on to the other important piece of decor – the bedsheets. A premium quality bedsheet with a simple pattern and a great feel is the right way to go. Wakefit offers high quality 180 thread count fitted bedsheets to give your room a classy yet simplistic look, while also providing comfort with a soft and premium feel.

A fitted bed sheet is easy to tuck in, which makes it way more convenient than flat ones. Moreover, once you have tucked these in, the elastic weaved across the periphery of the sheet ensures that it stays in place. As a result, the bed looks neat and tidy through the day.

While choosing the furnishings of your bedroom, we suggest that you choose soothing colours that will create an environment or an atmosphere that is conducive to sleep. The colour blue, for example, is known to bring about a sense of calm. A pastel shade of green can help in promoting positive thoughts, which relaxes you and puts you in a better mood when you fall asleep. Soft shades of yellow are known to encourage relaxation by stimulating our nervous systems by creating a cosy atmosphere. So choose your furnishings in a manner that will help create a sanctuary for you, where you feel calm, relaxed and ready for a night of deep sleep.

Wakefit offers the best sheesham wood bed, mattresses, bedsheets, comforters and pillows so you can shop for high quality home decor online and have it delivered at your doorstep, so that you can easily create and style the bedroom of your dreams.

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