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Bed Design

Rethink Your Bedroom With Wakefit’s Latest Bed Design In India

Whether it is a modern bedroom with the sleekest amenities and the most stylish accessories or a bedroom that embraces and evokes a rustic charm in every nook and cranny, one item that you will find in common is a sturdy yet cosy bed design.

The bed is the showstopper, the center of attraction when it comes to bedroom decor. Each one of us deserves a bed design tailored to our sleep and comfort needs. While some require the latest bed design that comes with a headboard to die for, others would prioritise storage space. What if we told you that you could get all of that in one place at the click of a button?

At Wakefit, we offer you beds that turn your sleep haven into a paradise by upping the style quotient and comfort level of your bedroom by several notches. You are invited to explore the plethora of bed design options available, from a wooden bed design with storage and sleek metal beds, to a double bed design that transforms your room into the cuddliest space one could ask for.

What Do We Bring to the World of Bed Designs for Home

Wakefit has been a popular choice for mattresses since its inception. Our memory foam mattresses with superior support and luxurious comfort have found a home across the country. We are now roving into the territory of ergonomic furniture with the same commitment to offer quality products at affordable prices.

Our beds marry utility and aesthetics in a way that appeals to everyone. If you are thinking of elevating your sleeping experience, then you have found your way to the right place. We are currently offering a choice between minimalist wood bed designs, chic metal bed designs, and bunk beds that solve space issues while keeping the element of playfulness intact.

Offering an easy assembly process was crucial when designing these beds by Wakefit. We did not want you to fret too much about arranging and dismantling the bed in case you needed to shift homes or move your furniture to a different room. This is why our beds come with simple DIY assembly.

Wakefit beds are also extremely easy to maintain. Our wood beds, for instance, do not warp or fall prey to unwanted guests like termites. Our metal beds, on the other hand, due to their nature are totally out of the woods (pun intended!) when it comes to termite infestation. To keep these beds clean, all you need is a dry piece of clean cloth, and you are sorted.

Quality of the product is not the only thing that Wakefit focuses on. We also emphasize quality and ease in the way you shop with us and in the way the products are delivered to you. When purchasing a bed, you should not have to dwell upon anything apart from choosing which design to go with. Bearing this in mind, we have worked really hard to dissolve all your pain points and make shopping online a rejuvenating experience. Therefore, our optimally constructed bed designs are delivered to you directly without you breaking a sweat.

The way we offer quality products at such an affordable price is by cutting out intermediaries. This also helps us make the selection as well as the purchase process free of hassle for you. After our success with mattresses, we have adopted this strategy for all our products in order to be able to directly provide you with products that you would be proud to own and showcase at your home.

A Checklist to Tick Off Before You Hit the Snooze Button

Bed Design

Bed Guide: Things to Consider While Looking for a New Bed Design for Your BedRoom

Before you pick a bed design in India that works best for you, there are a few points to pay attention to. These include:

  • What type of bed you are looking for (wood bed, metal bed, or a bunker bed)
  • The size of your bedroom
  • The number of people who will use the bed
  • Size of the bed you need (King size bed, Queen size bed, double bed or a single one)
  • Are you looking for a bed with storage or without?
  • Your budget

Standard bed sizes

Choosing the right bed design size for your bedroom is the first step to bringing home the bed of your dreams. If you are already fretting this, then let us step in and put your worries to bed. Below are the standard bed sizes available in the market to help you find the ideal bed design for your home . The dimensions will help you decide what size bed and what kind of latest bed designs you should be investing in.

King size bed 72 inches (1.83 m) wide x 72 to 78 inches (1.83m to 1.98m) long
Queen size bed 60 or 66 inches (1.52m or 1.68m) wide x 72 to 75 inches (1.83m to 1.91m) long
Full size bed or Double bed 48 inches (1.22 m) wide x 72 to 75 inches (1.83m to 1.91m) long
Single bed 30, 36 or 42 inches (76.2 cm, 91.4 cm, 1.07 m) wide x 72 to 78 inches (1.83m to 1.98m) in length

Types of Bed

The most popular bed types include wood beds and metal beds. Let us quickly go through the advantages of owning these so you can find your ideal bed design for your home.

Wood Beds

Sleeping on a wooden bed is an experience of a kind. Most people want to jump the bandwagon and try out a quality wood bed, but more than often they are apprehensive that it will be expensive. However people still opt to choose wooden beds as they help to give a good support and strength for your body. They are also expected to last more than 8-10 years which makes them more cost effective and sustainable.

This is where Wakefit comes in! We offer the best quality wood beds at a price that will bring a big smile to your face. These bed designs require simple assembly that you can effortlessly do it yourself. Here’s a bed assembly video that will come in handy:

Features of a quality wood bed

Here’s what you are saying yes to when you invest in a latest designs in wooden bed:

1. Strength

A wood bed is sturdy. This directly affects the support your body receives when sleeping. Moreover, a robust bed structure means that your mattress can do a better job of offering you superior support comfort and a new bed design.

2. Durability

Durability is another key feature of a wood bed design. We are sure you already know how wood beds last for generations and are often passed on from one to another. Investing in a Sheesham wood bed which is one of the latest designs in wood bed would therefore mean making an investment that lasts a lifetime or even more.

3. Easy maintenance

Though a wood bed pampers the sleeper with quality rest, it expects very little in return. Maintaining a wood bed would essentially mean having a dry piece of clean cloth handy. Make sure you do not use abrasive solutions to clean your bed as it will hamper the polish and the overall appeal of your bedroom centrepiece by standing out as a new bed design.

These features make a wooden bed a timeless piece of furniture. However, if you think you are more of a sleek steel person, then a metal bed might be a better choice. They also make a good choice for the latest bed design for your bedroom.

Wakefit’s Latest Wooden Bed Designs In India

Talking about wooden bed designs, it’s important for you to know the prime wooden bed types that are common and the reasons behind their popularity. There are three types of wooden beds found in most homes namely, teak bed designs, sheesham wood bed design, and engineered wood bed design. So, let us now take you through the details of the wood bed designs for your bedroom that you can shop at Wakefit.

Teak Wood Bed Designs

Teak bed designs are a common choice when planning to bring a sturdy bed home. And the reasons behind it makes this choice a strong one. Teak wood designs speak of durability and strength. Also, they are easy to maintain, throw an elite look, weatherproof, and are a great value for money.

Teak Bed Design Benefits

  • Remarkable durability even with low maintenance
  • Easy to clean and preserve its elite essence
  • Naturally pest resistant and keeps termites miles away
  • Great value for money thanks to its overall tough and long lasting nature


Bed material Teak wood
Support material MDF Board
Warranty 3 years manufacturer warranty
Assembly Installed by carpenters at the time of delivery, free of cost
Storage With or without storage
Sizes available King size, queen size

Sheesham Wood Latest Bed Designs

When texture and appearance are things that you vouch for, sheesham wood bed design stands as the best choice for you. That said, it doesn’t fall short on durability at all. In fact, speaking of durability, the sheesham bed designs also keep dry-wood termites away. Also, this is a type of wooden bed that doesn’t split nor warp. Hence, it is used to build other furniture like cupboards, etc. The clear shine of the sheesham bed designs just add to your bedroom space’s aesthetic.

Sheesham Wood Bed Design Benefits

  • Elegant appearance thanks to the brilliant shine
  • Highly durable for years to come
  • Pest resistant

Specifications and bed guide:

Bed material Sheesham solid wood frame
Support material MDF Board
Warranty 3 years manufacturer warranty
Assembly DIY, simple self-assembly required
Storage With or without storage
Sizes available King size, queen size, single

Engineered Wood Beds

If you seek versatility in a bed, an engineered wood bed design can just be your answer. It is known to go with any room style thanks to it’s design. Another reason to go for engineered wood beds is their pocket-friendliness. They are not only inexpensive but provide a similar strength and durability of regular woods. Also, their chances of expanding upon exposure to humidity and temperature are less.

Engineered Wood Bed Design Benefits

  • Versatile design that matches with any room aesthetic
  • Budget-friendly and durable
  • Flexible for customizing the existing design
  • Lightweight wood making it easy to rearrange furniture in the bedroom

Specifications and bed guide:

Frame material Engineered wood
Support material MDF Board
Installation Installed by carpenters at the time of delivery, free of cost
Warranty One year manufacturer warranty
Colour Columbian Walnut
Storage With storage
Sizes available King size, Queen size

Metal Beds

If you're looking for a strong, supportive bed, metal beds are a great option. They're also simple to clean and assemble, with latest bed designs for your bedroom, and they're great for kids. Wakefit has a large selection of metal beds that are both affordable and fashionable.

Features of a stylish metal bed

Here are some of the factors that make ideal bed designs in metal for a good option in the bedroom:

1. Convenient

A metal bed not only looks sleek, but is also convenient to move around in case there is a need to shift homes or rooms. They are lighter compared to wooden beds and yet a well-crafted metal bed does not compromise on quality.

2. Affordable

The reason a metal bed is so popular among sleepers is its affordability. The pocket pinch isn’t painful, which adds significantly to their appeal. If you know you are investing in a good brand, then you need not worry about the longevity of the bed despite its low cost.

3. Stylish

Your bedroom should reflect who you are and only then can it be a space where you can unwind. Therefore, a person with a modern outlook needs a metal bed frame that stands out. An intricate and luxurious metal bed design can amp up the style quotient of your bedroom by several folds that too at a price which will only bring a smile to your face.

Wakefit’s Latest Bed Design In Metal

Let us now take you through the metal bed designs that you can shop at Wakefit

Wakefit Metal Bed

Specifications and bed guide:

Frame material Metal
Installation DIY (comes with a manual)
Warranty 1 year on manufacturing defects
Support material MDF
Headboard material Particle Board
Colour Charcoal Grey, Pristine White
Sizes available King, Queen, Single
Hardware used JCB Bolts, Allen Key

Wakefit Mayall Metal Bed

Wakefit Mayall Metal Bed

Wakefit Metal Bunk Bed

Specifications and bed guide:

Frame material Metal
Installation DIY (comes with a manual)
Warranty 1 year on manufacturing defects
Support material Top MDF
Colour Pink and Orange
Hardware used JCB Bolts, Allen Key

Wakefit Gemini Metal Bunk Bed

Wakefit Gemini Metal Bunk Bed

Advantages of a Storage Bed Design In India

At a time when most of us are crying out for more space, a storage bed comes as a boon, at least for the physical aspect of the problem!

There are several advantages of a storage bed, the most important ones being maximisation of storage space and better utilisation of small space.

A storage bed works as a perfect place to store extra beddings, thus leaving your cabinets and wardrobes with more space for clothes and other essentials. In case you are worried about storage beds being a problem when shifting homes because of how bulky they can get, we would suggest going for a DIY storage bed that can be dismantled and reassembled with ease.

You can check out all bed designs by Wakefit by visiting us here.

Transforming a House into a Home, the Wakefit Way

Founded in 2016, Wakefit has helped Indians sleep better and also comes with a wide variety of bed design in India. After offering quality memory foam mattresses at a click of a button, that too for a price that only helps you sleep better, Wakefit is now venturing into the home solutions world. Our quality home solution products too come at an affordable price. These include beds, sofas, ergonomic work-from-home furniture, wall shelves, bookshelves, tv units, shoe racks, and so much more.
You can browse through all our products at leisure here and find the ideal bed design in India!

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