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The science behind deep sleep

Welcome to the assembly guide for Wakefit Wooden Sheesham Beds. Our beds, whether storage or non-storage, are made of solid Sheesham wood which give them a rich texture of varied hues giving the beds a natural wood finish. They are strong, sturdy and durable which means they will last you for generations to come. They only require a simple self assembly process, best undertaken by two persons. On this page, you will find a step by step guide taking you through the assembly process for each variant of our beds.

Mattress - Single Size with Dimensions
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Auriga Sheesham Wood Bed

The Auriga Sheesham Bed features a minimalist design, where sleek and stylish lines make for a headboard that's rare to find. Rich in texture and high in utility, this bed was designed for urban couples who want great style as well as efficiency of space. The assembly takes only a few minutes and should be undertaken by two people.

Mattress - Single Size with Dimensions
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Auriga Storage Sheesham Wood Bed

The Auriga Storage bed comes with ample storage with four massive compartments accessed by lifting MDF boards. It’s headboard is designed to look simple and elegant, while providing support when you need to lean back and breathe easy. Its greatest virtue is that it fits in with every kind of decor - be it modern, eclectic or vintage. It can be assembled in no time and with great simplicity, giving you flexibility to move your bed wherever needed.

Mattress - Single Size with Dimensions
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Andromeda Sheesham Wood Bed

The Andromeda Sheesham Bed features a design that’s marked by clean lines to create a solid structure. The headboard displays the glory of Sheesham wood grain and finish, giving each bed a unique look. This strong and sturdy frame can be assembled in a matter of minutes as you will see in the video below. Maintenance will never be a worry, wipe it down with a soft cloth, it’s just that easy.

Mattress - Single Size with Dimensions
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Andromeda Storage Sheesham Wood Bed

Made completely out of solid sheesham wood, the Andromeda Storage Bed is a keeper for years to come. It’s natural and light finish gives the room a spacious feel, while the storage compartments are big enough to store everything else that might clutter your bedroom. Like all our other beds, it is extremely easy to assemble and needs only two people to get the job done. This video will guide you through the process of setting it up and getting your bed in order in no time.

Mattress - Single Size with Dimensions
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Wakefit Centaurus Sheesham Wood Bed

Our very first Sheesham bed is a classic design, fit to fit in with every kind of decor. It is sturdy, firm and allows for ample storage space under the under. Sheesham wood gives it a solid look and feel, with its distinctive grain adding character to the minimal design. Tighten a few bolts and you’ve got the most ideal bed assembled in no time.

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